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How ‘Srishti’ gave Indian publishing some of its bestselling writers

“We find our writers through unsolicited submissions. We read every manuscript.” – Jayanta Kumar Bose

India Today

Preeti Shenoy’s When Love Came Calling is a recommended read

Here’s a list of 7 binge-worthy books if you are looking for some quick and thoughtful entertainment..


Preeti Shenoy’s When Love came Calling is a top pick for 2020 reads

From funny memoirs to mushy romances, these Indian authors and their books staked claim to our attention in 2020.

The Write Scene

Sneak peek into the world of publishing with Arup Bose, Publisher

A simple word of advice to all budding writers would be to write with your heart and passion and…

The Times of India

Arup Bose on how to write a bestseller

We have a team of in-house editors, who have an academic background in literature along with a wide range of experience in editing and publishing.

What’s Hot; What’s Not, with Arup Bose

“We usually prefer to take a decision on the merit of the manuscript rather than on the basis of the performance of…

The Policy Times

Srishti giving a new meaning to publishing in India

Srishti Publishers has been making its core meaning “Srijan or Creation”…

India Today

Key publishing trends of 2021

If you want a career in the publishing industry, here are five key trends of 2021 you should watch…

The Times of India

How the pandemic has changed publishing

“While people may seem to have more time…


Deesha Sangani’s The Diary of My Love is a cool new fine

The book is about a young and passionate girl smitten by a young co-worker who meets after four years with broken hearts. While they help each other mend their broken hearts and achieve their dreams, life plays a cruel card. Will they have a happy ending?


Fun and fast-paced, Preeti Shenoy’s new book is a coming-of-age tale

Most parents have no idea just how much to push their teens. Teens and young adults are also confused about what they want in life. I wanted to write a fun, fast-paced book that encompasses all these issues, and When Love Came Calling was the result.

The Times of India

You have to be in love with writing, says bestselling author Preeti Shenoy

Preeti reiterates that to be successful as an author, one of the most important things needed is dogged perseverance. “One has to be committed to the craft of writing. One has to constantly feel a need to write better and hone their craft.”

Punekar News

A Girl to Remember by Ajay Pandey is all set to be a bestseller

In a country where social taboos and social image change the course of lives, Ajay’s book makes the reader stop and think of where we need to change.

This is how a bestselling book in made in India today

You Are the Best Wife is one of the highest selling novels in the country at the moment. To succeed in this genre in the long run, you have to be a complete package and exude a strong persona.

Deccan Herald

Uday Singh’s Pokhran in the bookrack of the week

Pokhran is a heady page turner. At its very core, this book is an exceptional journey of revenge, courage, love and the unbeatable human spirit.

Deccan Chronicle

The first romantic thriller trilogy in India and how it was written

Messed Up but All for Love weaves two different tales into one, and promises readers a sense of thrill, along with something they can take back from the story.

The Telegraph

Bhavna Arora weaves multiple women-related issues in The Deliberate Sinner

This book is significant because it looks at the changing dynamics of relationships, marital or otherwise, as priorities and expectations change.

The News Now

Writing to spread awareness about the Wild World

We see the wild world as the jungle inhabited by predators, especially the tiger. And for the animals, it’s the world of humans filled with ruthless slayers who will shoot any animal that will enter their territory.

Mint Loungue

An excerpt from Amaresh and Subhra’s Fitness Habits

People who don’t follow a fitness routine do care about their health; those who have an unhealthy lifestyle are not doing so to end their lives. We all deeply care about achieving our goals to stay fit and happy.

A new guide to embracing fitness: Fitness Habits

Fitness entrepreneur and Gympik founder Amaresh Ojha’s recently-launched debut book, Fitness Habits breaks down the nuances of everyday health and is a nudge towards developing lasting fitness habits.

The Times of India

Arpit Vageria’s The Girl Next Door reviewed and applauded

For those missing all the romance tropes that these COVID times prevent, this book shows that love knows no lack of creativity and romance is possible from a safe social distance.

The Times of India

Micro review of Preeti Shenoy’s When Love Came Calling

The book is well written in Preeti’s iconic style. It beautifully explores the psyche of those who have to make big decisions about their future and those whose worldview gets shattered.

Deccan Chronicles

Determination helps fulfil all dreams, says author Deesha Sangani

In order to propel people to get through some of their toughest times, Bengaluru-based author and motivational speaker, Deesha Sangani likes to use the weapon closest to her heart – her words.

The Tribune

Ajay Pandey’s A Girl to Remember is an unforgettable book

We all have stories to tell. Our own experiences that are no less than a bestseller novel’s heartening tale, but not all of us take to penning them down. Of those who do, Ajay Kumar Pandey is one such person.

The Bridge Chronicle

Four new enjoyable books to read

Some of these books should definitely be on your shelf. So, relax by your window with your cup of coffee or tea, unfold one of these page-turners on your lap.

The New Indian Express

From a Quora blogger to an author, Rohan Jain

The novel explores love across geographical boundaries and cultures. You will get transported to Europe.

The Telegraph

The Panipuri Crimes is where crime meets startups

The world of startups and crime meets in this thriller that revolves around the delectable pani puri! With a tasty plot like this, we can’t help biting in.

The New Indian Express

Shivani Singhals’s latest book is based on love and reincarnation

The book works as a comment/motivational endeavour concerning our times, even if the wisdom comes from a place of fiction.


The Promises we Made by Rohan Jain will pull you into good times

Devour the story of Raj and Sofia on his visit to Switzerland for a summer internship. Jain’s book is all about new cultures and how love grows in a couple.

India Today

Arup Bose’s take on books that make kids smarter

Reading good books can transform and build the minds of children. The right books can empower them and build their mental skills. Here are 7 books to make kids smarter.

The Free Press Journal

Understanding what women really want, in Preeti Shenoy’s words

While it’s established that the new-age woman can mould and multi-task in impressive ways more than one, there’s often a grey area when it comes to answering a question that evokes intrigue as much as it amuses: What do women really want?

The Times of India

First-Time Mommy by Shruti Haldia Negi is a guide for new moms

Every woman wants to be completely prepared for this milestone in her life and does not want to go wrong under any circumstance. The book aims to help new mothers deal with their own feelings and emotions in a better way for a happy motherhood.


The inside story of UPSC exam preparation, A Pleasant Escape by Piyush Rohankar

The book is based on the lives of IAS aspirants. It is the story of a bright student from Maharashtra who moves to the crowded lanes of Delhi’s Old Rajinder Nagar, where thousands of civil service aspirants flock to take coaching for the country’s toughest exam.

The Bridge Chronicle

Review of Modern Hindi Short Stories

The stories take you through the lives of various individuals, from the smallest towns in the country to the metro cities. Most characters in the story would remind you of someone you already know and leave you with a heavy feeling.

The Telegraph

The Prophet and Other works by Kahlil Gibran

From wise lessons on life as narrated by Al Mustafa, to the tale of Selma in Beirut who is stuck in a loveless marriage, Gibran’s words compel you to relook at life with a completely different perspective.


New read on history, mythology and spirituality

With a rather turbulent year nearing a culmination, taking to books that touch upon the themes of religion, mythology, spirituality and life lessons can help readers slow down and develop a fresh perspective for the coming year.

Writing Tips Oasis

An interview with Arup Bose of Srishti Publishers

With the firm faith that everyone has a story to tell, Srishti proudly continues to give a platform to budding authors & making their stories heard to the world.

Zorba Books

Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Publishing

The first phase of my journey was not very smooth. I was rejected a lot of times. But then, Jayanta sir from Srishti Publishers trusted my work and my first book went on to become a bestseller soon after its release.

The Telegraph

Review of A Hundred Lives for You by Abhisar Sharma

What makes the novel interesting is the quick and unexpected turn of events which often leave the reader gasping for more. It is a chronicle of a very tumultuous period in the history of modern India.

The New Indian Express

Preeti Shenoy’s When Love Came Calling is standing out for the right reasons

I’m already getting requests for a sequel!,” beams Shenoy, who has previously penned The Rule Breakers, Life Is What You Make It and Wake Up, Life Is Calling. Her latest book was released last month and follows the journeys of two young adults –confused but fiery Puja and studious yet shy Arush – as they volunteer, and fall in love, in rural Kerala.

Business World

Interview with author Nikhil Mahajan

While brick-mortar shops are still deeply affected, online stores have been able to capitalise on this gap and slowly scale back up.

The Millennium Post

Review of Never Say Goodbye by Rajiv Seth

The author manages to entwine the plot in the world of genetics.

The Telegraph

Review of Hooked, Lined & Single by Rashmi Kumar

There is directness in the way she writes, a visual quality that makes her descriptions rather vivid.

The Times of India

Review of The Sinister Silence by Moitrayee Bhaduri

When I started this book, it was meant to be a love story called “Silenced”…_ Moitrayee Bhaduri

The Hindu

Review of Never Say Goodbye by Rajiv Seth

Rajiv Seth’s debut novel tells the story of extra-marital affair against the background of cloning.

City First

Review of You are the Best Wife

“My first book You are the best Wife is not just a book, it is my true journey with my beloved wife.”- Ajay Pandey

The Hindu

Review of You are My Reason to Smile by Arpit Vagheria

“I take my characters from the people I meet in my life.”- Arpit Vagheria

The Asian Age

Review of Ohh! God, Read It by Aditi Pancholi

Our book started as a creative challenge but soon the story, or let us says, the Gods took over…

The Asian Age

Review of Deliberate Sinners by Bhaavna Arora

“This book is an entertainer as it deals with gender equality in terms of sexual satisfaction of women.”- Bhaavna Arora

The Times of India

Review of My Beloved MBA Plans by Disha Chhabra

“I like to create simple storylines and characters to which readers can relate to.”- Disha Chhabra

Café Beat

Review of Yuck Man

Yuck man is a young boy who turns into a monster after being exposed to industrial effluents and wastes.


Interview with Preeti Shenoy

As yourself what kind of reader you want to be. Then, study the works already done in that genre… (Preeti’s advice to aspiring writers)

Deccan Chronicles

Review of Love a Little Longer by Preeti Shenoy

“The book has stories from my life. It is a new version of my old book.”-Preeti Shenoy

Deccan Chronicles

Review of Deliberate Sinners by Bhaavna Arora

“Society today is filled with confused individuals wielding selfish priorities and weakened morals._ Bhaavna Arora

Deccan Chronicles

Review of I Still Think About You by Arpit Vageria

“Whenever I write my book, I like to put some bits and pieces of my life into it.”- Arpit Vageria

Deccan Chronicles

Review of When Strangers Meet by K Harikumat

“I shot my first documentary in Punjab for an international artist recently. Storytelling is my passion..”- K Harikumar

Absolute India

In conversation with Sourabh Mukherjee about his latest book In the Shadows of Death

“I have been writing for as long as I remember- it is just something I love to do.”- Sourabh Mukherjee

The Tribune

Ajay Pandey on writing memorable stories

“The earlier books are about positive emotions and good people but in this one (The Girl to Remember), I have focused on a man of loose character and his transformation.”- Ajay Pandey

The Times of India

Reading trends among youngsters

“No one could understand the youth of today better than the youth themselves. So, to tickle the reading interest of the young Indian was to present before them an offering of their own tale, narrated in their own language.”- Arup Bose

The Asian Age

Review of It Doesn’t Hurt to be Nice by Amisha Seth

Amisha’s debut book is about a young girl’s journey to realizing her actual purpose

The Hindu

Review of It Doesn’t Hurt to be Nice by Amisha Seth

“You will not enjoy the book if you cannot see yourself in a situation that the protagonist or some of the characters are.”_ Amisha Sethi

The Telegraph

Review of It Doesn’t Hurt to be Nice by Amisha Seth

“Being kind in action, speech and thought brings out the positive side in one’s character, which in turn enhances the spiritual side of one’s personality”- Amisha Sethi

The Times of India

Twenty Twenty book review

The thrilling side of narration gives readers goose bumps and keeps readers biting their nails.

The Telegraph

Review of A Hundred Lives For You by Abhisar Sharma

What makes this novel interesting is the quick and unexpected turn of events which often leaves the readers gasping for more.

The Hindu

Review of Messed Up! But All For Love by Arvind Parashar

I have always been influenced by thrillers. Many parts of the story have been influenced by instances of my personal life.- Arvind Parashar

The Times of India

Review of Messed Up! But All For Love by Arvind Parashar

Set in the posh localities of Gurgaon, the story revolves around high-profile professionals who are linked together by love, friendship and even fate.

Not Mentioned

Review of Love Lasts Forever by Vikrant Khanna

Love Lasts Forever is a romantic novel about 18-years old Ronit who falls in love with Aisha when he sees her on the graduation day.

The Telegraph

Review of Deliberate Sinners by Bhaavna Arora

As one reads the novel, a number of questions come up. Why are girls, even those coming from educated and liberal backgrounds expected to put up with their husband’s whims?

Business India

A Sneak Peak into the World Book Fair

“The WBF allows the author to reach out to a larger audience at given place at one time.”- Arup Bose

Business India

Importance of media campaigns for a book success

“Writing is one fourth of the battle, promoting your book s and creating a brand is also important.

Business Standard

Importance of narrative style: In conversation with Siddharth Bahri

“A very important part of fiction writing is to build the tension and snap the readers out of it.”- Siddharth Bahri

The Telegraph

In conversation with Deepak Arora for his latest book Wild World

“I used to read a lot during my childhood and not just books but comic books too.”- Deepak Arora


In conversation with Komal Ahuja

“Book writing taught me patience and I discovered the power of the pen and my own self.” Komal Ahuja


Review of Happily Murdered by Rasleen Syal

“I really don’t remember how many times I edited the book in the meantime..”-Rasleen Syal

Free Press Journal

Review of Rebooting India by Nandan Nilekani and

The profound shift of balance in power between people and government is possible because of shift in technology.

The Times of India

Review of Sinful Crossroads by Gaurav Tanwar

Written in a lucid style, the book is a treasure of interesting experiences that binds you till the end.

The Hindu

Review of The Homing Pigeon by Sid Bahri

This is a story of love between two unsuspecting characters.

HT City

Review of Wottaplot by Santosh Vishwanath

As a rare scenario, the story does not take the center stage here but the writing style.

HT City

Review of Finding Juliet by Toffee

The main characters seem to have their own particular way of keeping the audience hooked to the chapters.

India Today

In conversation with Vikrant Khanna (Author of Love Lasts Forever)

On a very calm and serene night on board a sailing vessel, Vikrant discovered his passion for writing.

The Hindu

Review of The Homing Pigeon by Sid Bahri

The narrative is unique with the past and prese.

HT City

Review of Breaking Free by Neha Nayak

It is a tale with a twist and turns that will keep the readers hooked.

The Tribune

Review of Happily Murdered by Rasleen Syal

The writer exhibits control over her writing in terms of creating suspense.

The Hindu

In conversation with K Harikumar

“I am writing for people in the language they speak, not in the flowery English.”- K Harikumar

The Asian Age

Review of The One From The Stars by Keshav Aneel

“I believe when a person chooses a safer option over their inner calling, they murder their uniqueness”- Keshav Aneel

Mail Today

Review of Tinkling Bells by Sonalika Shandila

“I dabbled in interiors and landscape and many other creative things but writing, I only took up 10 years ago.”- Sonalika Shandile

The Hindu

The Changing trends of publishing industry: Arup Bose

“We as publishers saw a sharp rise in the submission of books by both novice and published authors.”- Arup Bose

The Hindu

Review of Ready.Steady.Exit by P.C Balasubramaniam

The story, a simple and light romance, is a deliberately easy read.

HT City

In conversation with Rajiv Seth

“Though I am not a doctor and haven’t studied biotechnology either, genetic fascinates me to no end.- Rajiv Seth

The Statesman

Review of Oh! Gods You are Online by Rashma N Khalsie

The book has depicted three different gods- Jesus Christ, Krishna and Buddha who takes birth among common men and heal their wound.

The Telegraph

Review of Once Upon A Dhramyudh by Bhaavna Arora

The author narrates the story in a simple straightforward manner with a few lines from The Gita preceding every chapter.

The Asian Age

In conversation with Suman Bhattacharya

“Youth are the most potent and complex assests”- Suman Bhattacharya (Author of Error Code Love)

The Hindu

Review of Imperfect Misfits by Devanshi Sharma

“Love is one emotion that everyone can relate to. It is an integral part of our life.

The Hindu

Review of Because Life is A Gift by Bhaavna Arora

TheEach story is an acknowledgement of indomitable spirit, great attitude and amazing grace.

The Hindu

In conversation with Sourabh Mukherjee (Author of In the Shadows of Death)

“Long work hours where people often take on another identity, create idiosyncricacies and strange relationships, there are great stories waiting to be written

The Times of India

The Connection of Spirituality and Technology by Suman Bhattacharya (writer of Error Code Lover)

Strange as it may sound, the barriers between spirituality and technology are breaking every day.

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