Operation Tigerhunt

Memories are like wars. They never die.
Sundari is beautiful, hot-headed and extremely handy with any weapon. But her real power is her knowledge of the smuggling routes that weave through the jungles of Sri Lanka.
RAW agent Avinash puts together a crack team of Indian Special forces and a bunch of smugglers to rescue Indian spies trapped between two deadly enemies in those treacherous jungles.
As Sundari guides the commandos through the treacherous LTTE-infested jungles, she runs into a face from her past – her arch enemy. Blood and gun fire mix to bring back a piece of her past that she thought had been lost forever.
Will the team be able to save the trapped men from this war-zone?
Join Sundari in an action-packed chase from the jungles of Sri Lanka to the streets of Colombo as she battles the ghosts of her past and the challenges of the present in this explosive thriller – OPERATION TIGERHUNT.

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