The Girl in the House

Aditi is a young girl who can charm her way into anyone’s heart, but she prefers to stay alone. As an upcoming journalist, she decides to do a story on a haunted house. Little does she know that her life is about to change – forever!
The photographer duo – Ratan and Ravi – are her team-mates for the project. But they cannot understand the mystery shrouding her persona, her sudden behavioral changes and the sharp personality differences in her.
Are these just mixed signals or is there someone else making her behave this way?
Is Aditi hiding something?
As the mysteries of the house start tumbling out, Ratan and Ravi decide to dig out the truth.
The Girl in the House is a hair-raising psychological thriller, that will take you deep into the world of parapsychology, occult practices and spirits.

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Harshvardhan Rao

Harshvardhan Rao works in the anti-financial crime and fraud space. He loves to write fiction books which explore reality in an interesting manner. When Harsh is not writing, he likes to go for road trips on his motorbike and play guitar. His life mantra is inspired by Steve Jobs’ philosophy – “Stay hungry, stay foolish”.

212-A, Peacock lane, New Delhi Phone – 011-41751981
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