The Kidney Scam

Three young medical college students find a poor rickshaw puller with a raw wound in the middle of the road. Little did they know, they were on the verge of unearthing one of India’s biggest kidney scams.
In a bid to help the poor victims, Kirti, Rahul and Gurkirat reach out to their college authorities, leading doctors, and even politicians. When there is no hope of support from any of them, they finally get help from a daring lawyer.
With threats to their life, evidences vanishing and danger looming large on their families, will they have the courage to fight till the end?
Will a dutiful cop help them through the ordeal?
THE KIDNEY SCAM brings out gruesome, chilling details of cold-blooded crimes that rocked Punjab and spread over to the entire world. Witness the nail-biting chase that led to the busting of one of nation’s biggest human organ trade scams.

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