Writing Investigative Spy Thriller

Wristwatch cameras, glove guns and night vision glasses!

Spy thrillers have always kept readers on the edge with their unexpected twists and turns. What’s the secret of writing an engaging investigative spy thriller? It is not just one, but many. Here you go!

  • Come up with a gripping concept which can sustain reader’s interest.

The most memorable spy thrillers are based on a fascinating concept. Before creating your own, read and research into this genre more. Pick up as many books as you can to enlighten yourself with various trends that are working. Once you feel adequately informed, craft a solid concept that you would like to explore in your story.

  •  Create a dynamic protagonist that readers can root for.

No matter how killer your story concept is, it may fall flat if your protagonist is not dynamic enough. Be meticulous and realistic while designing your protagonist. Give them quirks and traits that readers can relate to. Give the protagonist a transformative journey that readers can root for.

  • Write action-packed and pacy chapters.

When you have solidified your character arc and concept, develop engaging chapters. Keep them more action oriented and pacy. Do not dwell on descriptions and factual details as it may overwhelm your readers.

  • Read more in the genre to know about spy tools and use them intelligently.

Last but not the least, read extensively in this genre and focus on how different authors construct fictional worlds. Make your narrative more tech savvy by familiarising yourself with cool spy tools. And the fun part, don’t just stick to the real spy tools, take creative license and create your own.

Implement these cool hacks and write your own investigative spy thrillers. We are excited!

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