Creating Romantic Bestsellers

If there is ever a feeling that has captured the hearts of readers for eternity, it is the enchanting feeling of love!

When you are in love, everything seems perfect. But have you ever struggled to encapsulate the magic of romance on paper? Does the paper stay blank every time?

Not to worry, writers! We are here to rescue you from your creative block.

Presenting some tips and hacks that will help you to craft a stellar romantic bestseller.

  • Build a charming story outline.

While your mind seems to be overflowing with plenty of ideas, the need of the hour is to bring some method to the madness. Story outline is a perfect solution to bring some order in the mental chaos. Sit down and pen down your thoughts. Organise the story events into a coherent plot. Just like a strong building which is created on a solid foundation, a timeless story is built on a charming outline.

  • Create kickass characters – more realistic than ideal.

The heart of a good story is the characters. They must have the power to transport the readers into their imaginary world. And that can happen only when they are more realistic than ideal. While crafting your characters, take inspiration from people around you. Instead of making them picture perfect, make them real and endearing. After all, the most kickass characters appeal to the heart only because they are depicted in a slice of life manner.

  • Sprinkle passion, friendship and a unique chemistry between the characters.

What’s a love story if it is not a roller coaster ride of emotions! Build a unique chemistry between the couple by giving them a series of life–changing experiences. Make them interact with each other in different settings so that they develop an enduring bond. Create dialogues which are filled with love and passion.

  • Never underestimate a happy, hopeful ending.

All’s well that ends well! This adage is true for writing romantic bestsellers as well. Never downplay the power of a hopeful ending. It will certainly make your readers smile. Rekindle their faith in true love so that they are inspired to take a leap of faith and make their lives better.

Now that you are armed with these hacks, give your story a chance and see them transforming into a romantic bestseller. We are waiting!

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