Tips to Write Your First Draft

You have a fascinating idea which has captivated your mind and heart. But, when you sit down to express it, your perfectionist self gets in the way! 

The fear of failure engulfs you and the paper stays blank.

It can be scary, but we are here to help you. Following are some tips which can support you in writing your first draft.  

  • Create an outline for your story.

It is rightly said that the journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step. Before writing the entire story, consider creating a plot outline which can act as a basic framework. It is not set in stone as you can modify it later. Moreover, it will be your guiding light whenever you feel stuck.

  • Put in basic research to add more depth to the characters.

The characters are what give the story its life. So, indulge in meticulous research to add more depth and life to your characters. Read more books in the same genre to broaden your horizons and craft relatable and compelling characters.

  • Stay committed to your goal, write every day.

Once you actually start writing, do not give up till you have attained your goal. Be disciplined and write every day, no matter what! If you find yourself stuck with a writer’s block at any point, here are some helpful tips: (insert writer’s block article)

  • Don’t be afraid to make errors, write on!

While writing your first draft, do not try to perfect it in the first attempt. Instead focus on generating quality ideas which have the potential to be developed later on. Always remember that your story is a “masterpiece in progress”. Consistency is the key to success. 

Armed with these insights, we hope you are geared up to write your first drafts. We are waiting to receive your proposal soon.

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