Tips to Overcome Writing Slump

Do you have a writing task at hand but can’t get yourself to pen down your thoughts? 

During these difficult times, do you struggle to formulate even basic sentences, let alone write an entire story? 

Don’t worry, my friend! We have been there too. In the dreadful territory of writer’s block.

We have gathered some tips for you to navigate your way through this challenge and emerge victorious. Here you go!

  • Pour your heart out. Try freewriting.

In freewriting, you set a time, say fifteen minutes, and write spontaneously, without any inhibitions. Write about anything and everything that comes to mind, without paying attention to the technical details like grammar. In this way, you can get back the flow of writing organically.

  • Step away from your story. Go for a walk.

At times, taking a break and a change of scenery is all you need. Especially, when you have been cooped up in the same corner, writing for a long time. Consider going out for a walk, observe new things and let your mind be away from your story for a bit. This will help you to clear your head. And you might even gain new perspectives too.

  • Change the font type, size and colour.

When writing, seeing the same style every time can be monotonous for the mind. Try and spruce up your document by experimenting with different font styles, sizes and colours. It will stimulate your creativity and might help you get some innovative ideas.

  • Read voraciously to get more ideas.

Before becoming a writer, you need to be voracious reader. Whenever you run out of ideas or inspiration, switch on your reading gear. Read extensively in your genre to get some fascinating insights into the latest storytelling trends. Who knows, you may stumble upon something path breaking for your own story too!

Even though writer’s block can be frightening, you can overcome it. Try to utilize these tips, and let us know how helpful they were!

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