Key Books on Health & Wellness

Nurturing a healthy body paves way for a happy and fulfilling life too. The following writers have explored various domains of physical and emotional well-being to offer insights and hacks for the readers to maintain a holistically healthy lifestyle.

1. Fitness Habits, by Amaresh Ojha and Subhra Moitra

Do you have an on-and-off relationship with your fitness routine? Are you struggling to maintain an optimal balance between work and exercise? Then, Fitness Habits is perfect for you.

Read to garner a wealth of insights and novel methods that will propel you to stick to your fitness routine.

2. What to eat and What not to eat, by Dr L C Gupta

Are you eating nutritious food which ensures survival and sound health?

Every culture follows a distinct dietary pattern which is influenced by the availability of different food products. Identify whether your dietary pattern is giving you a healthy style by picking up this informative book and dispel all doubts around food faddism.

3. Why you can’t lose weight, by Pamela Wartain Smith

Have you experimented with your diet in the hope of losing weight? If you do not know enough, it can be a very difficult journey.

This book can be your answer to such questions as it contains relevant information and facts about the relationship of our body with the food we eat. With Why you can’t lose Weight, you will discover your path to achieve radiant health.

4.Magic Mantras to a Pain-Free back, by Yatish Agarwal and A.P. Singh

One in five people suffers severe back pain, mostly owing to our sedentary lifestyle. Unknowingly, we often neglect healthy practices which ensure a good back care routine.

This easy-to-understand book provides reliable information and a detailed roadmap of back pain management signposted with the fundamentals – pain control, back protection and yogic postures.

5. Miraculous Effects of Acupressure, by Dr AK Saxena and DR LC Gupta

Our body is equipped with enough power to fight illness and stay fit. Acupressure is an effective technique to stimulate certain reflex points to eradicate the root causes of diseases without the use of medication.

Read this book to learn more about this curative and preventive technique of healing.

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